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wetradekandi's Journal

We Trade Kandi
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We love trading kandi! Trades are not limited to kandi, but most content should be rave related.
please be patient! this is a brand new community and we are
still working out all of the kinks ^_^
if you are interested in becoming a mod please contact me



We trade kandi is a community for anyone who is interested in trading/swapping, with an emphasis on kandi. When I joined the LJ community I remember a kandi trading community that I loved. Sadly, all of the ones I have found have since died, and I was hoping to recreate the loving supportive kandi-coated community I loved!

kandi: kandi is something ravers wear & exchange at raves. it is basically a colored bracelet with small beads &/or words spelled out promoting peace, love, unity, and respect. worn by kandi kids in excess.
-wiki answers

Simply join, fill out the form, and start trading!


1. Use Livejournal
You must be a member using a Livejournal account. We do not allow cross posting with Facebook, Blogger, Google, ect. This is a Livejournal community meant to be accessed through Livejournal only. If this is a problem for you please contact a mod and maybe we can work something out.
2. Be Polite
To keep the essence of PLUR alive, please be polite. This is meant to be a friendly place for people to trade kandi, get to know one another, and have fun. Trolls, Rudeness, & Bad vibes will not be tolerated.
3. No Scammers/Deadbeats
This is why we have the feedback system. If you scam someone you will be warned. If you are a deadbeat you will be warned. (both with the possibility of immediate ban) Redemption is possible, but lets cross that bridge if we have to.
4. Keep in contact with your partner
If you are going to be late with your trade, let your partner know! Life happens, we all understand, but communication is key here. Please keep in contact.
5. Do not post personal info
Do not post your address. Do not post your phone number. Do not post anything personal. All contact information should be shared with your partner via inbox or email messages only. Posting your personal information in a post will result in a warning.
6. Use the tags
They help everyone keep organized & are essential to keeping things running smoothly here. Please use them!
7. All posts must be members only
I don't mind lurkers, but I would hope they would want to join before reading content.


1. How do I start trading?
Fill out the form below as detailed as possible. Please use the tag user_yourusername. Hopefully someone will contact you for a trade! You can also make a post requesting a specific type of trade.
2. How do I contact someone else?
Comment on their post, or inbox them.
3. How do I leave feedback?
Please leave feedback on the feedback page.
4. How do I know if someone else is reliable?
See the feedback post! In the beginning most traders will not have any feedback, but once things get going this will be a good reference for everyone.
5. I have another question/problem/comment what do I do
Contact the mod thespacequeen
6. Do I have to trade kandi?
Absolutely not! Wetradekandi was created for people who wanted to trade kandi, but it is by no means limited to only this! Feel free to trade whatever you want so long as both traders agree on it first :)
7. Is there a member listing so I can see all of the traders?
Yes. The feedback post doubles as a member list. Each member is listed alphabetically based on their username with a link next to it linking their introduction/about me page.


To start trading, simply copy & paste this form & fill it out. Happy trading everyone!




I am available to trade within the US:
I am available to trade outside the US:
I trade kandi:
I also like to trade:
Best way to contact me:
I can make:
Is regifting ok?:


Favorite color:
Favorite type of kandi:
Favorite characters:
Other favorites:


Types of kandi:
Other dislikes:


Include anything else you would like to share here! :) Hobbies, pictures, first rave, upcoming parties, ect. This page is for you so post whatever you want!


Keep a list of your current transactions so you don't get confused ^_^


all feedback is listed here! :)

no one yet
^lets keep it that way!